Terms of Sale

TERMS OF SALE  Updated 04.20.17

  • Pricing information will NOT be available prior to the sale.  No pre-sales or previews.
  • Numbers will be posted on the first day, one (1) hour prior on the morning of the sale. (Any list initially created by early birds prior to our arrival is self-managed and will be honored when we arrive. If you are not present when numbers are being passed out, your name will be passed over and the next number will go to the next name on the list.)  Doors to the interior of the house and access to items outside will commence at 9 a.m. unless otherwise noted.
  • Care for the safety of our attendees, the fragility of items, and the integrity of the home are our first priority. Entry may be limited to 5-10 people at a time because of this. As always we very much appreciate your patience and your repeated attendance.
  • We accept debit and credit cards for purchases over $5.00 and Cash.  No personal checks please.
  • We serve as a representative for the seller and sales tax will be collected on their behalf.
  • If you are a reseller, a 2017 permit must be on file with ‘Capitol Estate Services’ in order for sales tax to be waived.
  • Please bring your own wrap, bags, boxes, and your own means and muscle to move items that are purchased.
  • It may be required to hire a professional mover for larger pieces.
  • Pick up of larger pieces typically occurs in the evenings each night after the sale has concluded, or on the day after the sale closes.
  • We are not responsible for accidents or injuries. Please be careful.
  • No refunds, exchanges or returns –


  • CLAIMS:  No claims will be allowed or accepted after goods are removed from premises.
  • No beverages or pets are allowed in the home.  Shirts and Shoes are required for entry.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • We use an OFFICIAL SOLD label to mark large pieces.  (Note: We do not recognize hand-made marks with your own writing implements, your business card, or the marking of an item with your own tape.  All of these are creative, innovative solutions, but all of these marks will be removed.) Observations from our patrons have noted that this encourages easier shopping as well as fair playing field.  So, please ask our staff for the ‘CAPITOL ESTATE SERVICES’ SOLD SIGNS.  Again, we truly appreciate your attendance.
  • JEWELRY/SMALL ITEMS – Staff will write you a receipt and hold smalls for you until you finish checking out with the main cashier.
  • BID SHEETS may be posted around the house in an estate sale or at an appointment only sale .  Please feel free to turn these in at our ‘bid box’ located at check out.  Offers on items that are priced at $100.00 or more will be considered.  On items of value there may also be a ‘BUY IT NOW’ option.
  • Our 2017 Company handbook states that the Staff Team Members at Capitol Estate Sales do not buy items from the estates we manage.  Nor are any staff allowed to accept as gifts items that are in the sale from the seller. Thank you for understanding and respecting this policy.
  • Policy on Sellers at the sale:  Though, we know you want to help,  you have hired us to manage this task on your behalf.  It IS your property, however, so if you feel any level of concern please pull up a lawn chair on the lawn away from the sale and feel free to watch the process.  We encourage you to come and ‘preview’ our work at one of our other upcoming sales to see how we operate.  And… get your friends, neighbors, co-workers to be your eyes at YOUR sale…Maybe they’ll find a treasure they just can’t do without.  🙂

Updated 04.20.17