Our wonderful clients and customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

Cust Satisfaction Seal Medium 2016

Super nice people to deal with.  Very satisfied.  Saved me lots of work.  Great!!! ~C. Meyer (Brokerage Client )

(Monetary Results) were more than expected.  (It was a) very nice experience for me.  I was amazed at how well things were displayed.  It looked like a very nice antique store.  They went beyond their scope of work by buying a battery for my riding mower so it could work.  ~L. Osloe (Estate Sale Client)

The results exceeded what we could have achieved on our own.  We were very pleased with the results.  Overall impression was good.  This was a complicated sale due to size and our need to be there trying to move.  We were very happy with the results & the process.  Not only did most things sell but what didn’t was sold to a liquidator and everything else cleaned up and disposed of.  We would definitely use your service again!  If we had to do over again we would have contacted you two or three months sooner.  ~T. Santolla and J. Fortin)

Very impressed with your straight forward approach.  Great work ethic, and honest about your expectations.  We’ll use your company again.  Will also refer your company w/o hesitation.  ~M. Wiberg (Consignor for Estate Sale)

I cleared more than I expected after a conversation with you to focus on gross and not on individual items.  Everything was gone!!! Not even a bag of trash.  ~ R. Fox (Estate Sale Client)

Very invaluable service.  Just keep doing what you are doing! (The monetary results were) less than I had hoped but Maria handled the expectations issue by educating us up front about the monetary results a client could realistically expect.  Communication was excellent!  First Rate.  ~R & G. Martin (Estate Sale Client)

(Their) professionalism, attention to detail, professional appraisals and the way they conduct their business I believe is outstanding. ~S. Crawford (Colleague)

Monetary results of sale exceeded expectations.  Overall experience: A+ 
~C. Bolden (Brokerage Client)

Professional: Easy to work with and trust.  Liked art background that Maria brought to the table for this particular sale.  ~ V. Colman (Estate Sale Client)

Thank you for being so respectful of our situation. ~ S. Haase (Estate Sale Client)

Our experience was wonderful.    ~P. Orr & M. Spangle (Estate Sale Client)

Very professional/personable/trustworthy/competent.  C.E.S is a great asset to the community that makes the process trouble free and as enjoyable as it can be – Thank you! – J. Daly (Estate Sale Client)

Thank you again for all your assistance.  Your services provided me with a ton of relief. ~ K. Knesal (Brokerage Client)

We appreciated the regular daily messages.  We were impressed with everyone we met. Thank you for helping us through an emotional time. P. & J. Keithley (Estate Sale Client)

We discussed it and agree that you potentially saved our marriage by helping us through this process.  – C. & J. Gunstone (Estate Sale Client)

You responded to our requests promptly & appropriately, and did an excellent job keeping us informed.  We would absolutely recommend you without hesitation. – Anonymous (Estate Sale Client)

I wanted to send you a big thank you for hosting such a wonderful sale!  I just finished going through all my lovely things and am so happy with my purchases.  I was the first one in the door and got exactly what I wanted.  – Cheri (Estate Sale Attendee)

I am very satisfied with your efforts and will not hesitate to use you again.  J. Doyle (Estate Sale Client)

…Very pleased with your detailed accounting of the sale. (How could we have improved?) Only by US  giving you more time to do your business.  Considering all of this we were very pleased. – Mardene (Estate Sale Client)

Well organized and fairly priced sales.  – Thurlene (Estate Sale Attendee)

I just want to say I went to your estate sale in Oly today and all employees were very pleasant except for an older gentleman sitting at the check out counter.  He was unbelievably dismissive.  I will think twice before I shop your company again.  ~Melodie Browe (Estate Sale Attendee)

I think you do a very nice job with the estate sales. The homes are nice and clean, items are well prepared, photos are very good and the people you have helping at the sale are friendly and helpful, but not pushy. Thank you for the emails. – Carol (Estate Sale Attendee)

Since this was the first time I was involved with an Estate Sale – I found it an interesting and educational experience –I was very impressed with the service from start to the successful finish!  The email was satisfactory (as the chosen means of communication).  Especially since you let us know each day am and pm (of your entrance and exit).  Of course the end of the sale e-mail let us know it was a success.  Yeah!  One suggestion – be sure and let the family know they can see a preview of the set up prior to the sale.  Maria was very helpful, when we discussed (item) background, and being able to sell it, and all the other comments regarding items in the sale.  My impression was and is of ‘caring adults’ that understand the value of all the personal items.  I am pleased to refer this firm to others that may need this thoughtful service.  Sincerely, 
L. M. Bergerson (Client Family Member)

The entire operation was very satisfactory.  Will mention you to a friend whose house is for sale and they are moving to a furnished home.  Will also highly suggest you to our realtor, Jodi.  –  P. Tuohy (Estate Sale Client)

All four of you get pats on the back for being good hard workers, organized, willing to take a few moments at the drop of a hat to explain any questions, for keeping us up to date on the progress of the parts of the sale that you planned for and accomplished.  You get an A+.  Your eye for display, the physical set up and clean up afterwards were all better than what I expected.  🙂  – M. Bucove (Estate Sale Client)

We appreciate their taking the responsibility for advertising, researching, interfacing with … groups – all the presale work; then the intensive focus on detail to pricing and arranging items for sale; concern for security of home and estate items was obvious.  We were pleased by the respect given to dear possessions of a talented woman who has had many friends & has led a full life using her gifts.  We are so glad we didn’t have to do the hard work.  We enjoyed our interface with Maria, Steve and family.  – J. & E. Wick (Estate Sale Client)

Our impression has been positive in all respects. We can heartily recommend your services to anyone who might need them. You were honest, responsible and caring as you performed the tasks pertaining to the sale of my mother’s estate.  –  M. Hannan (Estate Sale Client)

You could not have made it any easier for us, and I am so grateful for what you did. It was so nice to work with someone that we explicitly trusted – and we could tell that you were taking great care to tackle the project professionally. Again, since this was a completely new experience for us, we were blown away by your attention to details and the amount of effort that went into the preparation for the sale. Thank you for your kindness to my family and for the invaluable service that you provide to the South Puget Sound community.  –  S. Robinson (Estate Sale Client)

Thank you for doing the sale.  Mom was very pleased with the report she got back from Blane whom you met Saturday during the sale.  I also talked to Louise the Real Estate Agent and she is planning on using you in the future.  Thanks again. – G. Lebon (Estate Sale Client)

We felt your expertise helped us make sound decisions.  The results far exceeded our expectations…We are convinced that our success was the direct result of the consultations we received from Capitol Estate Sales.  Thank you so much – B. Simpson (Representing a family that conducted their own Estate Sale)