Estate Sale Management

Capitol Estate Sales is NOT accepting new clients for estate sale management at this time.  Please contact us if you are interested in our OTHER services like appraisal, brokerage or consultation for your estate or individual items of personal property.

Why would you choose to have an estate sale?

1) Proceeds from the sale will be significantly higher than having a liquidator or a local auction buy or consign the contents.

2) We do it all, sell, , donate, cleanout… offering one stop shopping.

3) If the intent is to sell the home an estate sale is like an expanded OPEN house.  We work in tandem with Real Estate Professionals in the area.


Initial Interview:  If the goal of the meeting is to talk primarily about the prospect of having an estate sale, our services first start by going over the process with the potential client and together doing a walk-through of the tangible personal property in the home. Together we determine if an estate sale is the proper course of action and if our services are a good fit.  Before we meet, please do not throw ANYTHING away.  These items may be another’s treasures.

Each estate is unique. Our solutions are primarilty for seniors who are relocating, or executors and families who are dissolving an estate. We listen to your needs and recommend the best course of action by determining what makes the most sense for each individual situation.

Management of an Estate’s Liquidation – Considering Your Options: Knowing how to put the best plan into action is not always easy ‘when emotions are high and patience is low’. An estate sale in many cases can be best solution when liquidating the personal property of a home.  We oversee the management and implement the method(s) that is/are most appropriate.

Sorting & Getting Ready for House Sale:  The cleaning out of an estate after a loved one has relocated or passed away can be emotionally overwhelming.  This job is a daunting task for the family.  This work can take weeks, or months for family members to do.  We are efficient and use proven techniques to manage the project in a responsible, respectful and timely manner.  We provide the service of sorting items of potential value to determine what is ‘sellable’; what can be donated; what heirloom items the family might consider keeping.  We put aside photographs, personal papers, and keepsakes when we come upon them and discard what things that can not be sold and have no potential sentimental value.

We are ranked as an A+ Licensed Business with the Better Business Bureau